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    What makes the CO Carrier different from other buckle carriers?The CO Carrier is a unique, patent pending design that allows for a better fit as your baby grows. The interchangeable body pieces are easy to change as your baby grows. The straps are simplified, too, so you can change positions or wearers quickly.

      Do I need an infant insert for a newborn?
      No, the small body piece provides an excellent fit for newborns in the frog-leg position.

      Will the CO Carrier fit multiple wearers, even if they're different sizes?
      Yes! The CO Carrier has easy adjustable straps to fit a wide range of body types without complicated size changes. So whether you're petite, or big and tall, the CO Carrier should fit comfortably. 
        What is the CO Carrier made out of?The body pieces and straps are made of cotton canvas, with a nylon mesh pocket on the body pieces. The straps have textured polyester webbing and plastic buckles.
          How do I know it's safe for my baby?The CO Carrier has been rigorously tested and certified to meet Federal Safety Standards for the US and Canada. This includes mechanical testing to ensure durability, structural testing to prevent fall hazards, and certification that all labels and instructions are easy to understand and accurate. Every single component of the CO Carrier has been tested to ensure there are no harmful substances including toxic chemicals, lead, and phthalates.
            Is the CO Carrier safe for children with hip dysplasia?Yes, the CO Carrier is a certified Hip Healthy Product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. If your child is in a brace to treat hip dysplasia, the CO can be easier to use than other carriers as well. Always confirm with your pediatrician before using our products in these special circumstances.
              When can I use the CO Carrier?The CO Carrier is safe to use with babies 7-35 lbs. This typically takes your family from the newborn stage well into toddlerhood.
                What is your return policy?
                We offer free returns for 30 days from date of purchase. We are proud to partner with Good Buy Gear for our returns to reduce product waste.
                If you wish to initiate a return, please contact
                  How do I know which body piece to use?You can measure the body piece against your baby while lying down or sitting up. The top strap channel should be around their shoulders and the bottom strap channel should rest at their bottom.