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The CO Story

Sometimes the best ideas come from the hardest times.

In 2020, the year that will live in infamy for our generation, I was working on the very front lines of the pandemic. I came home to 2 kids under 3, one of which would never let me put her down.

After trying nearly every major brand of baby carrier on the market, I decided that what I needed simply didn’t exist. So, I started designing what I needed: a simple, comfortable, lightweight carrier we could bring on our adventures.

I know that this carrier will help other parents get out and do the things they love, with their baby. And that’s what this is all about - empowering other parents to do the things that fill their heart while spending time with the little person who does, too.

Please share your story via, or on social @cofamilyco. I can’t wait to see you out there living your life, bringing your baby along for the ride!



Kathryn Farrell

Mom of 2

Founder of CO Family